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  jet wrote @

nice blog 🙂 i like your entries, very girly.
one thing… while poking around your site, i’ve noticed there’s no way to get back to the main page, you have to go and edit the url in the address bar. maybe you should add a home button somewhere. or link your header graphics back to the index.

  Sammy wrote @

Hi Jet,
I was actually thinking about that but then never got around to it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 I’ll fix that up now.

  J wrote @

Just curious … what color hair extension did you get from ‘hairdo” … black?
btw i like your hair it looks really good!

  Sammy wrote @

Hi J,
I used Hair U Wear by Jessica Simpson & Ken Paves in R2 Ebony Black. In the pictures I’m wearing the 23″ wavy. Go to this website to find out more: I bought mine from: It was the cheapest I could find on the internet at the time. I wore it to a wedding and no one would believe me that it was fake! They all thought I went and got my hair done =)

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